Prospects of the Company


    Vista Statement/ The Prospect of Atiyehsazan Hafez Company

    The Leading Provider Complementary Insurance Services and Promising in Provision of Health and Promotion of Health Situation of the Insured

    Fundamental Values of Atiyehsazan Hafez Company:

    Consolidation of the Islamic Values

    Customer- orientation and Human Dignity

    Creativity and Innovation


    Transparency and Honesty


    Strategic objectives of the strategic plans of Atiyehsazan Hafez Company for the years 2017-2019

    Strategic Objective (1): Enablement and improvement of the skills and motivation of the human resources of the company

    Strategic Objective (2): Diversity and development of the services in order to provide sustainable resources

    Strategic Objective (3): Strategic purchasing of the health services

    Strategic Objective (4): Improvement of the satisfaction and enablement of the insured

    Strategic Objective (5): Strengthening and Progression of the marketing and organizational relations

    Strategic Objective (6): Reengineering and improvement of the fundamental processes and organizational structure of the company

    Strategic Objective (7): Development of the Information Technology system

     Strategic Objective (8): Implementation of sustainable monitoring and assessment system on performances