History of the company

Introduction of the company

In 1380, Atiyeh Sazane Hafez Company was established with the purpose of improving the health level, through the development of medical services and satisfaction of its policyholders, with the continuous efforts of its skillful workers.

This company has been able to create healthy competition in the insurance industry covering 5.6 million people, as the founder of a new chapter in the introduction and provision of new service packages in health insurance sector.

 Today, with the slogan of the societal health promotion, Atiyeh Sazane Hafez is the most specialized company in provision of health insurance services. After making complementary insurance contracts with the insurers, this company provides a portion or all of the expenditures of the  hospital and medical services, according to the stipulated and noted commitments in the contracts and insurance policy to all of the insured and their family members. Through purchasing this insurance policy, Enterprises and institutions, cover their staff members and their dependents, including spouse, children, parents and all their dependents by complementary medical services in excess to the basic insurances.

Therefore, Since Aban 1394 (November 2015) according to the unreliable environmental situations and the challenges and concerns in the health insurance industry of the country, and utilization of its managerial consultant for the realization of the Prudence and Hope Government and Health Insurance Organization aims, Atiyehsazan Hafez Company has accomplished the codification of the strategic plans in an effective and progressive mode. In this regard, the managerial team of the company has chosen a perfect cooperative approach, so that the staff of the heading center and the provinces throughout the country are all involved in the codification and execution of these strategic plans, via an exact process which created the sense of ownership towards the plans. The final strategic plan version was provided with the active participation of managers and experts through holding more than 3500 individual- our sessions of consultation and participation.