Atiyehsazan Hafez at one Sight

Introduction of the company

Studying the situation of Complimentary insurances throughout the world indicates that the basic structure of these insurances is supplementing the expenditures or covering services of basic insurances and in some cases the combination of both.

Therefore, supplementary insurance arises with the aim of expanding the coverage of basic medical insurance and filling gaps of the costs and services (or both). Thus, the supplementary insurance delivers increase of the voluntary choice of services to the consumers.  It means that the insured who is willing to pay more is capable of using more services. Throughout the world, Supplementary insurances cover loss of income due to illness, accident, travel costs, and accommodation costs related diseases as the outcomes of accidents,  in addition to cover medical expenses.

In 1380, Atiyeh Sazane Hafez Company was established with the purpose of improving the health level, through the development of medical services and  satisfaction of its policyholders, with the continuous efforts of its skillful workers.

This company has been able to create healthy competition in the insurance industry covering over 6 million people, as the founder of a new chapter in the introduction and provision of new service packages in health insurance sector.

 Today, with the slogan of the societal health promotion, Atiyeh Sazane Hafez is the most specialized company in provision of health insurance services. After making complementary insurance contracts with the insurers, this company provides a portion or all of the expenditures of the hospital and medical services, according to the stipulated and noted commitments in the contracts and insurance policy to all of the insured and their family members. Through purchasing this insurance policy, Enterprises and institutions, cover their staff members and their dependents, including spouse, children, parents and all their dependents by complementary medical services in excess to the basic insurances.


 The Goals of the Organization:


• Contributing to the reform of the health system
• Contributing to the promotion and development of Public Health
• Development of the complimentary insurance in terms of the depths of commitments
• Expansion of various services via  the e-government
• Application of insurance and economic calculations in health services tariffs
• Intelligent management of resources and expenditures
• Planning to increase the share of the company of the resources in the field of ​​complementary insurance
• Increasing the level of benefaction of the insured from the medical services  in the Diagnostic-Medical centers  through strategic purchasing
• Strengthening the insured and acknowledging them about their organizational rights and claims 
• Provision of new insurance schemes
• Screening  in the complimentary insurance


• Utilization of specialized university professors and highly qualified experts in the health sector and the field of insurance and the continuous and close cooperation with Iran Health Insurance Organization as the major custodian of health insurance in the country
• Run the diversified and innovative supervision practices in order to manage the performance of the contracted health centers to decrease the induced expenditures.
• The probability of offering new services demanded by insurers in the field of diagnostic and treatment services via various health care packages
• Extensive network of branches and agencies (Over 100 branches in provincial capitals and more than 1,000 agencies across the country)
• The  immediate online issuance of temporary insurance policies (cards)
• The operation of specific Payment of the expenditures of the medical documents loss of the insured through new methods of banking, such as: issuance of bank drafts, deposit to bank accounts or cards, etc…
• Provision of consultation services to guide the insured, in order to manage the expenditures
• Signing contracts with more than 9,000 public and private diagnostic and medical centers across the country
• Provision of complimentary medical insurance services to more than six million people across the country